The goal of the Safeguarding All of God's Family program is to protect our children and all in the church family from abuse and related dangers. Every priest, deacon, parish or school staff member, teacher and lay minister that is employed by a parish or school and any volunteer working with minors in our archdiocese is required to meet three requirements:

1. Attend a Safe Environment Education Session.  

This is a child abuse and maltreatment prevention program that must be attended in person. 

2. Pass a Criminal Background Check

This check is done at the beginning volunteering with minors and must be done every five (5) years subsequently.  The criminal background check is conducted through the CMG Connect portal.  

3. Sign the Code of Ethical Standards for Church Leaders Link to Code of Ethical Standards.  

This code of conduct provides volunteers with expectations and guidelines for how they interact with and conduct themselves. This code must be signed prior to beginning volunteering school and is reviewed every five (5) years subsequently.  

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Safe Environment Instructions (pdf)