What are the school day hours? 

Students enter school at 8:05 am and dismissal begins at 3:10 p.m. The school office is open from 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. 

Do you have extended care?

The parish's CARES program is available in the school building before and after school and on most vacation-days from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. most days of the year.  Please contact Mary Poehlman, CARES Director, for more information at (262) 639-1889.

Is kindergarten half-day or full day? 

We have full-day, five-year-old kindergarten that includes the full range of academic and special subjects, paced for an early-childhood environment. 

What type of technology do you have?

St. Rita School is 1:1 with technology.  Kindergarten and first grade use iPads, while first through eighth grade have Chromebooks.

What is a typical class size?

On average our classes have about 18 to 20 students.  We currently have one section per grade level in kindergarten through eighth grade.  There is an educational assistant who supports kindergarten through second grade.

Do students wear uniforms?

Our students do wear school uniforms.  More information can be found on the Uniform Policy page.

Will my child be bused to school?

Each Racine Catholic School is assigned a boundary, if your family lives within the boundary your child(ren) will be eligible for busing.  Our boundaries are:  Lake Michigan to the East, Three Mile Road (out to Franksville) to the South, Nicholson Road to the West and the Milwaukee County Line to the North.

What if we are not Catholic or parishioners?

We welcome all at St. Rita School.  All of our students attend mass weekly and participate in religion class.  Some of our students are not Catholic and may not participate in sacramental rituals but this is not problematic.  Our Catholic faith is the core of our school’s identity and is imparted in the classrooms and throughout the school.  Many of our non-Catholic families attest that the values that we uphold are universal to many other religions.

One goal of Siena Catholic Schools of Racine is to provide an affordable Catholic education to families of all parishes, including those that do not have a school.   For this reason all Catholic parishes in Racine are contributing to the Siena School System and families are encouraged to choose the school they feel best fits their family’s needs.  Sacraments (First Communion, Confirmation) will still be prepared for and received at the family’s home parish.

Is financial assistance available? 

Financial Aid is also available for tuition paying families. Click on the Tuition Information tab for more information.

Does St. Rita participate in the Racine Parental School Choice Program?

St. Rita accepts Parental Choice Vouchers as space allows.  Click on the Tuition Information tab for more information.

How does St. Rita School keep the students safe?

Our priority is the safety and well-being of all of our students.  The school is secured at all times.  Visitors must buzz in at the school office and are identified prior to entering.  The school staff has a crisis plan in place, and students practice fire and tornado drills throughout the school year.  All volunteers wishing to work with children are required to complete Safeguarding training and submit information for a background check every five years.  Visit the Safeguarding page for more information.